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  • Graphic Glitch from Base Turrets and Motion Sensor's w/ suggested semi-fix/work around


    The placement of Base Turrets and Motion Sensors seems to eventually result in other objects flickering or going invisible. I think it is a draw call, graphics engine prioritizing issue that pops up when you have a large number of other camera views created by turrets and motion sensors.


    Adding a feature in the graphics settings to allow the Camera and Motion sensor views to not render nor preform draw calls for Grass and their lighting and shadow effects for those Base Turret cameras and Motion Sensors may greatly reduce the graphical object flickering and disappearing issue.


    I only reasonably found out that could be the case when someone asked my why I was flattening the terrain and mowing the grass for large chunks of land beyond my landclaim block area.  I told them, "Because clearing out all these extra polygons and lighting shadow effects reduces or stops the object flickering...  It just takes a lot of mowing and flattening the ground."  Then they told me about how base turrets are the cause of the object flickering.  After that I gone to the part of my base effected by the graphical glitch and looked around.  The objects that flickered, only flickered when facing a direction that involves the placement of turrets/motion sensors and their point of view.


    When I realized that the flicker was connected to the turrets and yet somehow my mowing the lawn and flattening the terrain was working, I then focuses on mowing and leveling only around the area's where a Turret or Motion sensor have a view and my efforts to mow and level terrain kept working, the amount of object flicker glitching kept getting less and less.


    So that is where I get the theory craft, "What if the problem is the amount of draw calls and renderings being done is why the objects are flickering, a fight with the engine to prioritize what objects need to be drawn?  How would someone limit the impact it has on the Turrets and Motion sensors?"

    Since I had already had success with mowing the yard and leveling the terrain, that was when I theory crafted the possibility of having a video setting to allow Camera Views from Base Turrets and Motion sensors to not render nor draw call for grass and its lighting and shadow effects.


    Hopefully such an idea can work with a reasonable amount of effort that isn't over burdensome.

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    Appreciate your report, but this has been reported before and has recently been fixed. Unsure if the fix will make it into A20.6 when it is released or if it will have to wait until A21. Linking the "before you post a report"  so in the future you can add in information that would be necessary to run down a bug properly if it was a new one.

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