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  • Server browser filter partially fails to work after filter reset



    When using the in-game server browser,  at least one of the filter fields (game day max) fails to work after the filter is reset. This bug has actually existed in prior versions as well. If a maximum game day value is specified for the first time, the filter works - only games below that max day age are shown. If the filter is reset and a new value is placed in the max day field, the value is ignored and all games are shown regardless of max game day age.


    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Launch game.
    2. Click "Join a Game".
    3. Click the "Show Filters" button to bring up the filter panel.
    4. In the second field of "Game Time (Day)", enter a value of 10 as an example.
    5. Close the filter pane by clicking the same "Show Filters" button.
    6. At this point, all is good and only games with a max game age of 10 days are shown..
    7. Click the "Show Filters" button again to bring up the filter pane.
    8. Click the "Reset Filters" button in the filter pane to clear all filters.
    9. At this point, all is good and all servers should be showing in the list again.
    10. Now enter a new value into the "Game Time (Day)" second field, such as 12.
    11. At this point, this filter value is ignored and all games are still showing in the list regardless of max game day age. It is expected that I should now see only a list of servers whose max game day is 12; however, all servers are showing.
    12. From this point forward, the "Game Time (Day)" second field appears to no longer work. Only exiting and restarting the game clears the issue.



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    I realized just after posting this report that I did not use the requested form outline. I apologize for that mistake. I tried finding a way to delete my bug report so that I could re-post in the proper format, but I could not find any way to delete my submission. I can re-submit in the proper format if this is deleted.

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