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  • Questing With Party


    Summary: (a short description of the bug)


    Game Version: (20.5 B2 Exp)

    Platform: (Steam)

    OS/Version: (Windows)

    CPU Model: (Intel i7-7700K)

    System Memory: (16 GB)

    GPU Model and VRAM: (nVidia RTX 2080 Super 8GB)

    Screen Resolution: (1920x1080)

    Video Settings: (High)

    Game mode: (MP host)


    Did you wipe old saves? (No)

    Did you start a new game? (Yes)

    Did you validate your files? (Yes)

    Are you using any mods? (No)

    EAC off


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description: Started a fresh save on Navezgane with a buddy, got to the first trader, accepted a "Find Whiteriver Supplies" mission, shared the mission through the party/ally system, we both saw where the marker was, but when we got there, the marker kept saying, "This area is currently not available for questing," regardless of the fact that we both had the same exact quest. If he tries to move away, I am able to activate the marker, but it will read "Party member not in quest area, if you continue, they will fail the quest." He comes back, "area not available for questing."


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:


    1) Form a party through the UI menu, followed by allying with party members

    2) One player accepts a quest and shares it; head to quest location

    3) Attempt to do mission; if "not available for questing" line is displayed, followed by "if you continue, they will fail quest" once your coop partner moves away, you have successfully witnessed the bug


    Actual result: We cannot do any questing together and must do missions separately


    Expected result: That when a quest is shared and accepted, activating the marker should start the mission for all players

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    Quick update (if a Dev should read my report): The game version I included was incorrect. The version I was on was the 20.4 B2 Stable update

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