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  • Grandpa's Moonshine buff localization doesn't match code or item localization


    After drinking Grandpa's Moonshine, when you open the character menu and select the buff it shows this image, which doesn't match the item localization or the code.

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    Can you elaborate please? buffDrunkGrandpasMoonshine applies passive effects in-line with those numbers.

    Please re-read this post and provide the requested information per the provided template, thanks.


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    Grandpa's moonshine provides +400% melee damage, +60% stamina recovery, 100% stun resistance, +50% damage resistance, and 20 health per the code in the buffs.xml file. The picture I posted is what is listed on your character screen after drinking the item.

    This isn't a bug per se, but rather a typo or 2 :)

    Also, when selecting the item in your inventory, it lists that it heals 600 health and not 20.

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    Hi Smushem, thank you for the clarification, even with a less concerning issue like localization, we ask you kindly adhere to the bug report format in the future. It allows us to eliminate possible hiccups such as using an older version, whether or not mods are involved, etc. that way we can have good information going into looking at an issue.

    Confirmed will write this up when I get a chance, thanks again!

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