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  • Fire from molotovs lacks something?


    Long story short:

    if zombie walks into already lit molotov fire, he catches fire, but death from it wont count towards whoever thrown molotov. But if zombie gets hit by molotov initially, no such problem exists.

    Client host footage.

    I played around it, applying other bleeding (or may be dealing any damage? didnt check actually) fixes that.

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    On 8/3/2022 at 12:29 AM, chikorina said:

    Thank you for reporting.

    I've confirmed the issue,  and will write a ticket for this.

    I would like to provide a little seemingly distant information which might be of use (at least in use for trying to get rid of inconsistencies).


    1) There's issue which happens on dedicated servers sometimes and I have no idea how to properly reproduce it, but sometimes, while fighting zombies with bone knife only, having them die from bleed will provide no experience. Obviously nothing to report yet since it's very random (for example it can happen to zombie you fight 1v1 so no other entity deals damage to it; it might have something to do with precise HP numbers or something, but devs really need to revisit what counts as death, what counts as kill, and how player and non-player damage is applied).

    2) There's strange aspect that zombie cop upon blowing up himself deals up to 250/350/550 damage (normal,feral,radiated) to nearby zombies and killing blows would provide player experience if target have died under bleed/burn debuff from player, but it won't yield any experience for the cop himself even if he is affected by bleed/burn.

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