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  • no scouts at all in A20


    so after looking into the .XML files ive noticed even with the mods im using on my server, "scouts" text is nowhere to be seen?

    could this be the reason i am not seeing any screamers in my world?

    i assume its an issue with A20 itself?

    ive got 10 torches going at all times with a camp fire and 2 forges and mining and trees being cut down all in the same chunk and heatmap is hitting 100% but no screamers being spawned and we just past our first 7th day.

    Unless im looking in the wrong location for this specific item?

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    I'm seeing screamer spawns in A20.1 b6 when the heat map reaches 100%. Going forward please attempt to reproduce your issues on an un-modded game before submitting a ticket, and follow the bug report structure as seen here, thank you.

    Unable to reproduce.

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