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  • Memory fills up, other programs get crashed !


    Hello Guys,

    I have been playing 7DtD for a few weeks now. I even convienced my husband to play it and we both love the game. My husband had ( GB Memory and wasn't able to play with me and a friend on a server we set up. After changing his Memory to 32 GB it now runs smoothly. I have 16 GB and thats past your recommendation of 12 GB. Our derver uses the biggest Map possible and my Game crashes a lot when i am on the server and it usually is because of a full Memory.

    The game many times reloads the open a cache sequence and fills up the memory. I am not able to play 7DtD with discord running because after 2-3 hours the game crashes discord by using up the Memory. Or when another player is close to me. It can't handle the data because no more needed data is not removed from the memory.

    I am not able to play with my friends and communicate with them via discord.

    I know there is a built in chatsystem (which i have disabled) but i also have friends on discord which do not play the game.

    Actually i do not have those issues when playing my private game alone or with 2 other players when I am hosting.

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    need much more info.

    output logs from server when this is happening and output logs from the clients when this happens.


    you stated you running biggest map.. provide the size of this map and also - did you try a smaller map. could be the servers size of the map is too large to run smooth. usually anything larger then 10k may cause this as that is why we support up to 10k but we have seen 10k maps bog down servers if the poi spawns are set to a high number.. many factors involved.


    where is the server or are you creating it yourselves (not renting)?
    can you all play p2p together?
    also provide copy of the server config (you can XXX out the passwords)


    Thanks  :)
    QA Tester-unholyjoe

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    Hello unholyjoe,

    sorry that i answer late on this but i tried to get more information. 

    The server we use is rented at Gportal. It is a pregen10k map. I have no access to server settings. i made  screenshots from 2 crashes.



    Nothing like this happened when I was hosting a game for my husband and one of our friends. 

    My private map is a medium one if i remember correctly.

    thank you 🙂


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