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  1. Okey dokey...just to comment to the OP in this meandering thread...


    If I had a complaint about loot progression (which I do not!), it would be that, contrary to the OP's experience, I'm finding all kinds of useful and necessary items early game that I never used to. I get my beaker from the trader after 10 quests, found tons of schematics in (as stated earlier) in trash heaps, and better tools and weapons in general than I remember ever finding this early in A19.


    Either way, I've paid way more for way less game and this one keeps me coming back (steam tells me I've wasted almost 9 months at this game --->7000 hours since A15 or so)

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  2. That has been the case for many alphas so far. As far back as A15, this was the case, and it definitely happened in A19 - I'd log out and back in to respawn the horde for XP farming!


    43 minutes ago, OrionMcDuff said:

    So far, I'm really enjoying the changes in A20.  Having the zombies crawl under and over areas definitely challenges some horde base designs for certain.   I'm not sure if the following is intended behavior or a bug though.


    On day 7, first Blood Moon, I survived the horde at my horde base and they stopped spawning around 12:30 AM.  I spent the next 2 hours at my home base organizing my stash and then logged out.  It was roughly 2:45 AM.  When I logged back in, the Blood Moon horde respawned in full force and were at my front door before I could do anything.  Is this by design?  During early Blood Moons, can I finish the horde, log out, log back in and get a new horde spawned for extra XP?  Doesn't seem right.


  3. I know that melee weapons were doing grazing hits in A19 as well, so no surprises there. The zombies, on the other hand...holy crap! I've had it happen three separate times where I'm playing the door-in-face game (zombie beating on an unlocked door, wait for zombie to swing, open door, pound zombie in da face, close door again) and after about the third swing, I opened the door to take another shot and the zombie ducks under my swing and swipes my kneecaps!  I've observed zombie dogs surrounding me when I'm standing on an obstacle, as opposed to the swarm beneath you or as close as they can get to you. This looked suspiciously like strategy and pack hunting! Awesome if it is and keep an eye out if it's not planned behaviour!

    5 minutes ago, overgoat said:

    Quick comment on my new favorite feature:  Feral Sense.  My friends and I are 'good' at this game and usually have very few deaths.  We had early game down to a science and used to get well established very quickly.  On warrior difficulty with feral day & night on we are getting our butts kicked a lot!  The game feels super scary again which it hasn't for a long time for me.  It was rare to be surprised before and it happens all the time now.  I had about 10 nearby zombies visit me in a house while doing a tier-1 fetch... it didn't go well, but was so much fun.


    If you are a veteran player and haven't tried it, I highly recommend it!

    Oh yeah! I used to only die in early game if I did something stupid. Feral sense at night did me right the f00k in! I was (imo) quietly raiding a building I'd cleared (one of the fast food joints) and started hearing a "couple" of zombies beating on things outside. I made the mistake of not planning a quick egress when I first heard them. By the time I realized that I had a problem, it was too late! It was almost like a screamer horde! 6+ dogs, 3 or 4 spiders, multiple ferals of various flavours, and they were at every door! Their pathing seems to have improved quite a bit!

  4. 3 hours ago, morggin said:

    mosin nagant is not a revolver it's a russian military rifle.

    There is a Nagant revolver but the Mosin-Nagant is most definitely a bolt action rifle with a 5 round internal magazine that can be fed from stripper clips (and would be pretty darned cool to have in the game!). To the original post though, dual wield would also be cool but potentially difficult to map for - currently on the PC you have one function for attack and one for heavy attack. There could be a weapon specific mapping (say, two machete's, for example) where left and right mouse corresponds to that weapon hand and a power attack could be triggered by clicking both attack buttons at once...


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