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  1. Hello. I can't understand why the game started working so terribly slowly. Constant drops in fps below 10. System rysen 3800x, gf 2070s, 32 gb RAM. We play together in a local network, when you go to a biome other than green-very slow. Saves dynamic resolution. But this greatly worsens the picture. Is this a problem with the vanilla version of the game? Or something can be configured in this mod?

  2. Tell me please. How to organize the cultivation of vegetables on the ground? They grow very slowly. I give one unit of crop per seed. And sometimes they just disappear. Maybe there is a manual on the organization of the farm? Or please help with advice.

  3. I want to return to the topic of titanium ore search. Did excavations in different biomes (snow,forest,desert,ashes). Found all ores (iron,coal,saltpeter,lead). Even gold, silver and diamonds found. But titanium ore was nowhere to be found. Several times an error(endless red lines) popped up in the mine and the game had to be restarted. Maybe just Titan ore will spawn an error? Maybe there is a way how to find not in a random way? At 16 alpha, it was generated on the surface of the desert.

  4. Hi. I use the latest version of the mod. When you create a farm on the base, the water disappears from the prepared places. And on this nothing grows. Now planting seeds is possible only in natural reservoirs. It's embarrassing. In version 16 beta was all right. And now how to get the opportunity to blow up the head shot zombies ? The vanilla version has it.

  5. Hello! After the last update in the moped reduced storage to 25 cells. I want to ask him TO even increase. Or tell me how I can do it myself. Wasn't enough, now VERY little. With that volume, it's a waste of time and gasoline. The rest very much. And by the way, I have 24 cages in my mini-bike right now. Very sad.

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