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Hosting PvP Server (All night)

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Hey y'all. I'm very new to this forum, but love me some 7D2D on Xbox One. I'm hosting a server on Xbox right now and it will be live for pretty much all night (6+ hours from now). I also get on quite a bit lately so if you get cozy on the server, there's a good chance it'll be playable often, although I do work a full time job. This is a PvP Server and I am on day 100, so I understand those who don't want to start on that. Not promising anything, but for the first few who join, I will give tools and resources and maybe weapons to for a solid start. There's also big loot from killing me and also even bigger loot if you successfully raid me, so there's incentive. This is a PvP Server with no rules, but sometimes I'm a nice guy. If you'd like to play, you're absolutely welcome to. Just add my Xbox One account and message me. The account is "High_Octane2130". Better act fast if you want those gifts for early joiners! I'm looking forward to a lot of battles and fun with y'all tonight and thanks if you join!              

P.S. I apologise if I broke any forum rules by posting this, I am new and did search for rules briefly and did not find general rules, although to be fair I only looked for a few moments. Take care y'all! 



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