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  • Zombies aren't detecting properly at night

    • Version: A21 experimental

    We've played up to day 5 on our dedicated server.  We noticed that if you go outside at night you can shoot a zombie with your bow and then crouch.  He'll run in your general direction, but then your "detected" radar drops to 1 and he stops moving.  He has NO idea you are even there unless you start moving again. Multiple people on our server have experienced this since we started playing hours ago.
    Vanilla server with only xp, loot, and land claim size changed from default

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    This is intended behavior when you are "sneaking". When you attack from range with a silent weapon such as the bow, they will have a vague idea of the area you were in. But not your exact location unless they can see you(close range in the dark further in daylight). Moving again increases your detectability so they can see you at a further range.

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