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  • Drone unavailable after restored backup.

    • Version: A21b324

    Okay, so nobody has ever mentioned the elephant in the room. The drone, that goes bunkers, if your character ever has to be recovered from a backup. This issue has persisted ever since they were introduced into the game (few weeks after introduction, a player onthe server, had to have his character restored)

    Personally, I play on a dedicated server, where I a week ago, had to have my character restored form a backup. Now, the server itself, went on as usual, but my character had to be rolled back roughly 18 hours.

    I can not remember which version of the chracter had the drone out, be it the one that was bugged or the one that came out of the backup. None the less, when I try to place a drone, it tells me, I already have one.

    And before anyone asks, I have been to the exact spots where the characters were. I went to the coords of the failed character, even dug into the ground, all the way to bedrock. Did the same for the character that was restored from a backup.

    I am not sure exactly what a future fix will have in store, but a suggestion could be to not have a dedicated server think a player has a drone, while the character information doesn't contain one (or vice versa), by extracting the information into its own file. Content of the file, could be as simple as a list of players ever generated, and have a true/false, level, mods etc etc listed.

    Currently, the only available fix to this, is deleting the characters information from the server. That means, ALL progression will be lost, making it pointless to even give it a go again, untill a new Alpha stable is released.
     Yes, an admin can give you XP and books, but when you only need a handfull of books for these new skills (I had learned every volume book), no admin in his/her right mind, is going to sit for 30 minutes and pump out 100 books of each type for you to read. 

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