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  • Linux fps bug capped at 60 doesn't move 6900xt


    I am having runnning linux for a very long after switching from windows 10. I just upgraded my gpu to 6900xt. Highest card right now. Needed more lastest drivers for linux or it would not work at all. I reinstalled linux and windows. two different drives.

    Since I was running a 1060 6gb I didn't even see that the fps is capped at 60fps.

    I just started using windows 10 again... :( Some of the newer games won't run only on windows. I will be using linux 100% if the new games will work at all. Linux is really easy on the older titles by 2 years.

    The problem is that on windows my fps is about 180 or more but on linux its still 60 fps. Doesn't move. I did a clean install with lastest drivers for linux branch. There is no setting in the menu to increase your fps. Also this 6900xt can't even be maxed from this game on windows. Its to powerful. Highest usage I could get on the highest game I own is 80%. This game is 55% usage at maxed settings! Its 100% not my card because it works in windows just not in linux mint.


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