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  • powered drawbridge and door with motion sensor


    Hi , I want to report an issue withpowered drawbridge and door  with motion sensor and this issue can kill a player, this is not new in a20 and was present in a19

    When using a motion sensor with any of these to detect a player , both are flickering like get and not get power
    if we put  triggered or put an amount of time this situation happen , local or dedicate server
    possibility #1
    it feel like you coded the sensor to wait the timer reach zero before checking again if something is visible by the sensor.

    You should before the timer reach zero to verify if something is detected by the motion sensor before cutting the power if something is detected the counter should be reset and not waiting to reach zero and cuting the power

    possibility #2
    Drawbridge and door wait to reach zero and cut itself the power before comfirming the power again instead to check if still powered

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