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  • In version [A20.6], my video card is not working properly


    Game Version: A20.6(b9)

    Platform: Steam

    OS/Version: Windows

    CPU Model: Intel i5 7500

    System Memory:  32G

    GPU Model and VRAM: RX580 8G

    Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

    Video Settings: Medium

    Game mode: MP client


    Did you wipe old saves? Yes

    Did you start a new game? Yes

    Did you validate your files? Yes

    Are you using any mods? Yes

    EAC off


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description:

    After the game starts, the convergence rate of the graphics card is almost eternal, which can be between 0% and 100%, or between 1 and 3 times in the second time. The result is that the number is unstable and only needs one time.

    Also, the frequency of the graphics core is extremely erratic like it's triggering power saving mode over and over again, but I've turned off all power saving mode controls from the operating system

    Once the driver is updated, the driver is removed, and the low video setting is adjusted, but it does not work


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1: This problem occurs whenever you start the game, and I believe this is not a problem with my computer but with the game itself scheduling the graphics card


    Actual result: As mentioned above, that problem will occur as soon as the game starts


    Expected result: At the very least, the graphics card should be stable and not as unstable as the above mentioned. I don't have any graphics card scheduling problems when I play other games. Almost every game has a graphics card scheduling problem of 70% to 98%

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    Sorry for the incorrect description in the error description。

    After the game is started, the graphics card occupancy rate is very abnormal, which can jump between 0% and 100% or even 1~3 times a second, resulting in unstable frame number and even pause.

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