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  • Bug with vehicles


    When I exit game while driving, vehicle disappears.


    Lastest version


    Windows 10

    Intel core I5-10300H


    GTX 1650 mobile 4G 


    Medium, almost hight (doesn't matter)

    Singleplayer (doesn't matter)







    Bug Description:

    When you're driving and game crashes or you exit it, recently driven transport disappears. Then, when you walk about 1.2 km, it appears again, but fully incontrolable, with incorrect character position and without changing UI. after 2nd rejoin, toolbar items disappear forever.

    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:


    1)Get on any vehicle

    2)Exit game and load it agin


    Actual result: Vehicle disappears


    Expected result: Game loads with vehicle you were driving in previous session 

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