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  • 7 Days crashing after loading into specific world (Work Around/Fix)


    So, me and a buddy of mine have spent the past week or so on a server he had made, then it unexpectedly started crashing like half a second after loading you into the world, so after messing around with the save files of said server, it seems that the power side of things caused the issue, my guess is that it didn't like that we had all our doors, turrets and lights all strapped to one generator through up to about 4/5 relays in some cases. 


    P.S Other worlds worked, just this one had the problem.


    Fix: After deleting the "power.dat" and the "power.dat.bak" and swapping them with a power.dat from a brand spankin' new 8k pregen (our world is a 8k pregen) it's gotten rid of all the connections from the generator and the engines and fuel within it. Thankfully the world now starts up as it would normally and I'm a happy chappy. C:


    Figured it was worth posting here in case someone else ends up suffering from the same thing.

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