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  • Error with Physics.PhysX (ConvexHullBuilder)


    Good afternoon dear players, please help me solve my problem with the game. For a long time I survived for preservation and everything was fine, I dug a big hole with a shovel to extract clay and other useful materials for survival, but after a long time I got tired of looking at a huge crater next to my base and I decided to use the admin panel to build up this crater and I did it successfully, but after I built it up, errors started popping up in this area, they don't open the console to my whole face, as happens with serious errors, but it's still not very pleasant to look at the red text in the console. I ask for help from the community. (I'm playing on the 20th version of the game with the Undead legacy build). Perhaps there is an option to fix these chunks.

    https://pastebin.com/GtdPtygB - logs.

    * Checking the files did not help, because there is a problem with saving.


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