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  • Mining near Drawbridge creates a no-ground bug zone


    Hi fellow developers,


    As I was playing I noticed that near my base recently created drawbridge I couldnt reshape the floor, as each time I used my shovel in its whereabouts and crushed a block of floor, it collapsed all the floor textures close to the drawbridge in a 7x7 range. The I began falling and re-falling untill I escaped the affected zone.


    One workaround till this is fixed I accidentally found, crushing one of the blocks in the limit created by the bug (the ones just before falling to the void), it forced a respawn of the rest of the blocks, as they were before the bug appeared, but when I crushed another one, the bugged reappeared.


    The drawbridge I used was the manual one, not the electrical one.


    Hope this helps you enough to reproduce the error and find what's happening. Great job with the game so far, btw.


    Thank you in advance,


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