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Restored Zombie Loot. Different zombies have different drops again.

Deceptive Pastry

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This mod is a mix of A17 loot and restoring A16 style unique zombie loot.


Standard zombies drop mostly what they used to. Regular zombies drop mostly junk, farmers drop farm tools, utility workers drop mining hats, etc. Most of them are just straight up the same as A16, with 1-2 changes. Burnt zombies have a decent chance of dropping a bit of coal on kill.


Feral zombies on the other hand drop their better A17 drops. A few tweaks were made to item probabilities and such to compensate for the fact that they drop more often.


Lootcontainer ids start at 200 so this should remain safe for quite a while if they add more items. Dropped backpacks stay for 10 minutes before disappearing.


Drop chance is set to 10%, it's what felt right to me after playing for a while. You can change this by opening entityclasses.xml and changing the following value at the beginning of the file:


<set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name='LootDropProb']/@value">[color="#FFA500"]0.1[/color]</set>





How to install:

Place RestoredZombieLoot folder in 7 Days To Die\Mods. If you want the dropped backpack text to show up properly, copy everything in RestoredZombieLoot\Localization.txt to the bottom of your Data\Configs\Localization.txt. If anyone knows a way of avoiding having to use Localization please let me know!


Update: Changed backpack model to the new yellow bag. Didn't even realize they updated that.


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