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How issue balance changes


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Hey there.

I do not know how your system works. But nearly every title that issues a new update and needs to patch/balance will issue steady small patches over time.


How about, every time you release a new experimental (lets say 240) you release 9 patches afterwards(241,242...), that do not require a restart of the world and only fix certain numbers.

Loottables, trader prices, poi spawns, questsrewards, Gamestage caluculations, crafting recipies, Perk costs/requirements and so on.


This would mean people do not have to play with absolutely broken systems in place and you can quickly fix what is broken.

Because I feel you do these insane 180° turns for certain changes, because you don't have enough patches to do slow changes to the system!


Giving us intermediate patches (best with feedback for each one) would help with that problem.

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