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Leveling system improvement idea


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Personaly would like to have just A15/A16 leveling system, but got an idea for a A16/A17 mix that might catch attention.


So, right now everything is putting meaningless points from comming from the void, what about this, the 100 level skills would come back, for handguns, rifles, shotguns, archery, meele, crafting, mining, harvesting. There would also come back gun making perks which could only be bought after reading a randomly found recipe (recipes back yay), to save item IDs in the game, magazines would be thrown away, they are a $$$, not realy worth reading much.


Handguns, rifles, shotguns and archery would not give damage like in previous builds, let's say, they could give stuff like better weapon handling, right now, player can from day 1 hold ak-47 recoil like a true slav soldier... while in reality it would rather hurt for such newbie to go all in full auto. Different weapons would have different recoil/wobble which would improve obiously the longer we use that said weapon, tfp aims for specialization, this will be weapon specialization. However improving in 1 gun type slightly benefits the other, so for example when leveling rifles, everything else would get 10% of that amount since they got some grip on firearms. Archery right now exissts, it would be replaced with this lvl 100 skill and insted of recoil it would have draw speed, wobble would stay. Bows and crossbows need alot of strenght to pull for a desirable power, an unfamiliar weakling would not pull a bow able to blow zombies head, it would take alot of practice and long survival.


Meele would have swing speed improved for their skill and lower stamina price for power attacks.


Crafting would be just crafting speed for improving this skill, the bonus from inteligence would be cut and put into this skill.


Mining would be the same as meele except only for tools and only when cutting trees/mining rocks/digging, not smacking zombies with tools. (not sure if it can be coded for game to see that difference)


Harvesting would improve amount of food and seeds we get. (the living off the land would be removed)



The perks would still need their main skill to improve so shotgun messiah needs perception itp but every such main skill would have a progression bar above them which would increase by mproving those basic skills such as blowing heads with shotgun. To prevent spam crafting, there would be tiredness metter, one can take as much learning per day, it would not limit total exp so go and murder or keep crafting, whatever, however after filling it would stop player from earning exp in that skill (for example crafting).


Those are just an ideas, not realy considering them a perfect suggestions, the skills could be different, have less than 100 levels, be more of them (bcs didn't know other than fighting skills what other skills could exist much). The idea above can also just be straight bad, didn't think about it for many hours, was just an impulse of a general idea.



Also a side note, the skill tree should be expanded more if possible. Also it would be nice to have more early game, ppl complain about lack of late game, guess thats bcs someone can find a fully functional gun at day 1... which is very lame. Move the guns where they belong to, to mid-end game, give us more early crafted junk, like scrap tools/weapons, more gunpowder weapons for hanguns and rifles, perhaps a gunpowder nailbomb insteed of pipe bomb etc. Also item quality should have meaning, so that crafted shiny tier 6 gun deals more damage than rusted, faulty gun that spent months in wet, goopy trash remains.



(Or just bring the old A15-A16 skill leveling system lol, this is so similar but user can't delete posts. Well, maybe devs can salvage some ideas from this)

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Some very good ideas. I don't want anything set up in a way that it could be abused by spam crafting, but 'learn by doing' felt right in general. I thought it was too easy to get everything in previous builds, but this huge departure in the rework has completely abandoned some really neat aspects about the game that I loved. Every time I loot a magazine where a schematic used to be I have a small moment of depression.

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