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A pause button for crafting/scrapping/repairing would be nice.


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It would be nice if the icons that pop up in the 4 slots we have for crafting/scrapping had little portions displaying a pause button. Something that we could press to pause that task so others in the queue could be worked on without having to manually cancel and later restart each queued craft already existing just because we wanted to craft a quick splint or frame.


Got a bunch of larger crafts/scraps going because you aren't at home base or have a workstation yet, but need a couple quick consumables? Queue up the consumables then press pause on the scraps. You heals pop out a few seconds later. Decided you need those frames in slot #3 built before the couple hundred spikes and thousand cobblestone ahead of it? Click pause on #1 and #2, watch #3 finish then #1 and #2 restart as normal when there isn't any job left unpaused. No having to cancel everything first then restart it after you are done.


The crafting juggling isn't particularly hard to get around, it is just a little extra UI thing that shouldn't really need to be dealt with by the player. It gets particularly annoying in the early stages of the game now with the newest A17 builds where repairs don't skip the queue and you are stopping every few min to repair a stone pickaxe or wood club.

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