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Ranged with bullet drop


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In xml.txt, it says "Ballistic weapons with bullet drop.


Experimented with and while it works technically it was canned due to... circumstances."


Anyone had any luck with that? I have a ranged weapon, but with a projectile ammo type. It will fire it, but there is no mesh on the projectile. It's just an instant raycast hit like any other bullet.


Tried making a launcher weapon.. it will fire projectiles with meshs, but has different troubles.



The blue item at the barrel is my bullet mesh as seen in unity. But the ones floating above it are generated from the burst count. Almost like a bundle of ammo like you'd see in a 2 man machine gun.. W/e they are called. lol.


And another problem with launchers is the burst count actually fires burst count lol.. so if you have a burst mod on a launcher, it will fire 3 items at one time...


So. Anyone have any luck with either of these with custom models? Looking like ranged would be my prefered path if someone has had luck with that.


Thanks! :D

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