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B231 melee issues?


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Anyone else noticing that the swing with both iron bar and sledgehammer seems to quite often "miss" when it very definitely shouldn't have?


I've noticed it more with A17 than in A16, but the latest release seems to be particularly bad. Worst seems to be construction workers, for some reason almost 50% of my carefully aimed swings at their head just dont register, then I get smacked because they've not been knocked back/staggered as they should have been.

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It's been mentioned in bugs, and other places on the forum of us complaining melee combat is broken.


Hopefully they will fix it. Considering it used to work correctly, but a17e is definitely a mess when it comes to melee attacks.


I was given some explanation about it being an issue with collision detection or something with the way they changed the zombies (don't quote me though). Regardless a few others with programming knowledge chimed in saying that's a bad excuse and explained how they could fix it.


So here's to hoping one day they will fix it.


Right now it's functional, so it's is no doubt low priority to other bugs they need to address first.

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It's not broken so it's not gonna be "fixed". Saw Faatal talking about this already. The arc is not intended to hit, only the point of aim is.


It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you are used to it, you can use it to your advantage, Sledge has a long range and a slow swing, and the swing doesnt't "hit" till the weapons mode passes over the crosshair, so you can actually swing early then walk the zombie into the actual hit.

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I don't know what the issue is, as long as my cross hairs are on target I hit every time.


The issue is, you're using a club, not a gun, but it behaves like a gun. Which is well, broken.


I'm over level 40 by day 7 in all the game plays I've done (2 hour days), I can hit them. The trouble is with the running zombies. They tend to be nonsensically stupid to hit because of their motion and your gun shot baseball bat.


I've adapted. I don't like it. I use clubs because I enjoy them, but they are far less enjoyable because of this broken mechanic. I don't ever use right click any more because the stam loss is not worth it for a miss. Especially with in close zombies.


But if they don't think a broken mechanic is broken. It's their game. They can continue to do as they want.


I can mod out the things I don't like, just this can't be fixed because they're unwilling to put proper collision in. Again, that's their choice I guess.


Lots of people use firearms. I used to always play with the mindset that a gun shot will create much noise and bring more zombies. It does more so now, but if you use rifles/shotguns, then sleepers from surrounding houses should begin to file out. Then there would be a real consequence for using firearms.


Then when large numbers of zombies are swarming you with your gunshot club it would be a real issue. And at night it would almost be suicide to use guns in a situation like that.

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I'm not saying it's impossible to hit. I'm saying it's not a swing. It's a gun shot.


in close the gun shot club is very ineffective. A swing sideways would still connect with the head, a overhead swing down would still connect with the body. Either way a swing is a swing, not a gun shot action. If that's the case remove all melee weapons with swinging motions and replace them with a spear so it makes sense. But even then with a spear, it's not all thrusts you still swing with it as well.


But, I'll leave it alone. I guess lots of people are content with a broken mechanic. I'll see if any of the sdx modders will fix it later since that is well beyond my realm of abilities, or I'd have fixed it myself already.


Although, question for those that don't find it a problem.


1) have you been cornered/back up against the wall by 4 or 5 zombies?

2) do you bravely and proudly stand out at night to face 2 or 3 running zombies?

3) Are feral zombies easy and no trouble for you to hit?


Just curious.

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With the combat focus in this game, you would think that interesting combat would be a priority. As it stands I think the combat (especially melee) is pretty basic. It is, in fact, less complicated than the combat in Minecraft. In Minecraft, you can block.


For me, this game is Minecraft with Gravity. Efforts by TFP to make it something else disappoint.

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I'm using melee (club) far more than any previous alpha. Seems to work fine for my playstyle. Put the crosshairs on the target and it hits. My bow on the other hand.....lol going to have to get some mods to shrink the crosshairs.


Yeah that's what I did.


I made an upgraded Bow [since TFP killed the Crossbow in A17].


Works great!

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