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On 1/8/2022 at 4:39 AM, Michu said:

Hi! Mod is compatible with A20?




Have you even tried it with A20? It hasn't needed substantial update to work for the last few major updates. If you HAVE tried it and are having a specific problem with it, if you explain what you've experienced, then I may be more inclined to offer assistance.


Otherwise,  I'm too busy having a life to play whack-a-mole and guess what people need help with.

2 hours ago, mundojao said:

This mod was used in alpha 19, can you adapt it to a20?


Please see my response to Michu.


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9 hours ago, Ognar said:


Is it possible to make a version that works with Subquakes Undead Legacy overhaul?


/Copied from the VERY FIRST post in this thread:


System Requirements/Fine Print:


The latest versions of these modlets have been tested on the vanilla/base install of 7 Days To Die for PC/MAC, version(s):
Alpha 19.6 B8 Stable
"They [... snipped...] may or may not work with other mods or modlets or customizations [... snipped...]"

I'm sure it's POSSIBLE. But IS it something I want to put in the WORK to do FOR FREE? Probably not, because I do also have a life outside of 7DTD modding.


If YOU want something specific to YOUR environment, please feel free to use my work  as a foundation to produce a derivative work that better suits YOUR specific needs. All it takes is a working copy of 7DTD, a text editor, YOUR TIME, a little coding aptitude wouldn't hurt,  and plenty of patience to work through the frustration of testing and re-testing things ad nauseum.


I can always make more money, and buy more stuff. But time is the one resource I can't make more of, so I jealously guard mine. If something doesn't add value to my life or the lives of those I love, I don't have it in my life. I don't see working on the task you're asking about as something that meets any of those criteria, for me.


9 hours ago, Ognar said:

e: hmmm, i may have spoke too soon and it may already work.


I really wish people would TRY the things they ask me about BEFORE asking me, for the reasons I explained above about why and how I value my time.


Sorry for my rant, but not for the substance of my message,



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