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Late game idea's


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So by the time you hit 100 progression pretty much stops.. With the current xp gain you should have enough materials to last you forever and there is little "tier" progression


My suggestions to improve lategame would be:


Make "tier 2" versions of the workbench/mixer/chemstation/forge that require electricity and craft a whole lot faster


Add an "18 wheeler" to transport a large amount of goods from town to town at a speed penalty.. making 4 trips to empty your stash houses in a far away city feels tedious.


Beter quality version of the crossbow that compares to the compound bow. compound bow being less damage but a higher fire rate and crossbow being more damage with a lower fire rate. currently the crossbow cant compare to the compound bow.


More uses for paper. It's a mate u constantly obtain but its only used for the lesser damage shotgun ammo. making the resources useless late game.

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