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Help needed with xml


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I made some testing with recent changes and i must admit that they suck a lot, especially for people who enjoyed building.

That's why i want to make same changes but i have no clue where to start nor what to do. Can somebody tell me (where and what to write there) to:

1) Bring back gas fuel recipe using alcohol

2) Change perk effects (i want miner perk improve dmg to blocks as u it used to - 30% per lvl perk not 20% like it is right now)

3) Preferably add system that would give me additional perk point every few lvls, something like 3 extra perks every 10 lvls to compensate recent "higher costs" changes (or at least give 2 points every lvl, i guess it would be much easier).

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Thanks, i was looking in "buffs" section.

Tho i still have no idea what to do. I managed to changed perk gained per lvl to 2 instead of 1 (values like 1,5 or 1.5 don't work) but that's fine. I also solved my "gascan" problems by increasing quantity of gascans gained from oil. Not ideal solution but something i could do (i have no idea how to add removed recipe but whatever)

However i have no clue how to change miner69 benefit.


I guess this is part i should change:


<passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="perc_add" value=".2,1" level="1,5" />


<effect_description level="1" desc_key="perkMiner69rRank1Desc"/>

<effect_description level="2" desc_key="perkMiner69rRank2Desc"/>

<effect_description level="3" desc_key="perkMiner69rRank3Desc"/>

<effect_description level="4" desc_key="perkMiner69rRank4Desc"/>

<effect_description level="5" desc_key="perkMiner69rRank5Desc"/>




I don't know what to change to bring back old number. I tried to set value "2,1" to "3,1" but it didnt work, same for level=1,5 to 2,5 also no effect.

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