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disappear mi bike


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Yup, seems like a bug and not just the bike but all vehicles (reported from several YT streamers).


The only time I've had it is when I left my bike outside my house and quit the game, on return it was gone - sadly takings 10's of thousands of dukes stored in it!


Some people have stated it happens all the time; you leave your bike next to a building to loot, come back, find it's gone. I have not had that problem at all. Just the disappearance when reloading a map.


You can store your bike in your backpack (a stupidly unrealistic idea, imo. Carry it? Sure. Pocket it? No!) and whenever I log out I do just that.

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Hello murck,


It's just one of those problems everyone knows about but a proper fix hasn't been dreamed up yet.

Why? I don't know, just one of those things we take in our stride, or try to.


At least you found your bike after you restarted. I've had mine flat out disappeared or simply unable to interact with.

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