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Resetting a player to level 1 in MP?


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Is there a command? Thanks


I don't think there is, although I could be wrong.


However there is a very easy alternative solution: Delete the character files. They will then start anew next time they log in. The downside is they will have to make their way back to you from a new spawn location, unless you have admin privs and teleport them to you (that's what I do usually).


Enter your servers ".local" directory. From there, follow it until you find the "Player" folder of the designated map. Player characters are map specific unless you're not using persistent player profiles.




[b]So mine would be:[/b] /.local/share/7DaysToDie/Saves/Hezufe Mountains/RentMigi/Player


I have two players on my server, myself and my room mate. Each character consists of 3 files. a ".map", a ".ttp" and a ".ttp.bak" file. So my Player directory looks like this:



Obviously I've edited ours for privacy. There won't be any asterisks in the real thing, just numbers.


Sort by Name to make sure they're organized together.


The player characters are listed as numbers as you can see, these numbers are SteamID numbers. There are a few ways to identify who is who by this number.


1.) If they're your friend on Steam, right click their name in your friends list and choose "View Profile" and at the top of their steam profile there will be a URL. The string of numbers at the end identifies them, and so you can determine the correct files to delete. If the URL bar doesn't show up, right click Steam, choose Settings -> Interface and check the setting "Display Steam URL address bar when available".


2.) If you don't have them on your friends list, you can copy the number string and plug it into the search field at SteamID.io, press "Lookup". This will give you a link directly to the Steam user profile page.


Alternatively, check the "Last Modified" property to determine which one it is. If you both logged out at the same time just have one of you log in and log back out real fast and viola, you can then identify which is which by process of elimination.

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