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Some 7DTD Wishful Thinking


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I wish and hope TFP takes all these world builders and content builders, and starts making POIs that are built or actual city block placement.


Seems like every POI is some corner empty lot take over. Or Buildings cut out of a building strip cake...


Doing something like, Buildings must be LxWxHxD for a specific city block size, and then set a POI specific setting that stats this POI it's a X by X block would be cool.


You get

Real and cramp city streets.

Real suburbs.

Alleys behind buildings.



Attributes on POIs like...


POI Size

POI Shop Type (think of a malls directory and use those categories)

Store front Direction

Parking Front, Rear, Left, Right (or N, S, E, W)

No Parking (i.e. City Shops or Mall making shops)

Is Parking Structure

Store Fills Whole Lot (i.e. the walls go directly to all edges of the point boundaries)


Stuff like that. Then you can slap sidewalks along the front as POI lot sizes and types are specified.


For example a city generates with a strip section.

POI must be an X by X lot size and Store Must Fill the Whole Lot.


Stuff like that. Just some wishful thinking to making the POI placements a bit more realistically placed.



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