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Can we get off the motorbike/minibike in the direction we're looking please


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This is a rather frustrating mechanic.


I will be riding the minibike or motorbike and see a zombie I want to kill... xp right, can't leave it there, so I get off my bike running and screaming my battle cry only to see no zombie in sight. Stop, look around, it's behind me. Resume scream and charge after Zombie.


Can we please dismount the bike in the direction we're facing? It's not like we're carefully setting the bike's kickstand once we get off, it's just being dropped on the ground so it shouldn't matter which side we dismount.


Perhaps I'm the only one that is bothered by this? If not please chime in, or if there is a good reason for why this is in place please share that too.

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i agree, the dismount now is quite disorienting and not having them stand upright triggers my ocd. no affect on gameplay at all, purely cosmetic irritation.


i am also forced to use my mouse to turn the bikes now and i hate that control system. it wont let me use the A and D keys for left/right. i did get it to let me turn with the keyboard but i had to reset all my sensitivities which are WAY to high by default. as soon as i adjust them, i am back to steering with the mouse. dunno if anyone else is getting that or maybe i need to submit a bug report

--------> disregard, i just learned that double clicking changes your control system.

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