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Loading Saves Woes in Beta


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I've had consistent problems with loading save files in all three of the Betas for Alpha 17. For the first 4-6 saves, the game can reload them without a problem. Then after that point all hell breaks loose, and these things happen:


1. Game instantly crashes to desktop.

2. Game loads, but crashes to desktop the moment you move.

3. Game loads, but almost all textures do not load, and suffer huge framerate drops, and then crashes after about a minute.

4. Or the most recent one, game loads, resets your character to level 1 (stats too) and deletes all of your armor items but allows you to keep your inventory and hotbar.


The first three I've encountered in all three betas. The last one happened today to my level 100+ character and the bug persisted even after quitting without saving and reloading the save.


I've posted about these for all three betas, but nothing seems to being done to address them. If you can't load your save files, I'd think that would rate pretty highly on the priority list to fix.

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I think that's an isolated problem. As in, your installation may be corrupted or something. Backup all your saves and delete them all out of your folder, reinstall and/or verify integrity through steam. That's why nothing seems to be done about it, that's a first I've seen it lol. Or, you have less than 8GB of ram.

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