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Come watch a new 7DTD streamer!


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Hey everyone! I'm a graduate student that likes to de-stress in very high-stress games :D


I have what I feel like is kind of an odd playstyle for 7DTD. I'm not the type that wants to start building a base right away; I feel like I'm better off scavenging, building up my skills, collecting materials and items and using already existing stone buildings as secure havens for nightly shelters and 7th day forts. After my building skills are high enough, then I'll get started with real fortifications and more complex structures—especially when I'm better able to defend them.


That said, I play Overwatch (and other games) competitively at a relatively high level, so do expect there to be plenty of smooth zombie bashing in my stream. "Is that a horde? It's a horde! Sweet!"


In any case, I'll be happy to chat with you if you come watch the stream, and if there's interest I'll set up a Discord for voice chatting rather than making you type everything out.


I'm starting up a new map and game tonight so come check it out!


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