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Comparision of 7D2D with other Titles in utilization of the Graphics Card


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I foregot to tell why.

It is because of the users with system reboot problems while playing 7D2D and

"complaining"/thinking that is a 7D2D problem instead of faulty/dirty/overheating hardware.

And justify that because other games do not reboot the system.


In that chart you can see that switching to 7d2d 32bit version will help you save a little

power and therefor produces less heat and should lower the risk of system rebooting.


On the other side you can try for example Subnautica - wich you get for free till Dec. 27 2018 if you

register an Epicgames account - that stresses the GPU more than 7d2d and should reboot your system

as well.


This was thought as an proof of concept thing to test your hardware.

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