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[request] disable xp from selling to trader


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i can't seem to find a way to disable xp from selling to the trader. I have gone thru the posts and found the gathering XP(materials.xml), but i'm having issues finding anything in the xmls for the XP from selling things.


i'm trying to limit sources of XP by removing the gathering (and hopefully selling) XP. this way it forces you to actually kill zombies, or loot.


I've also found that i like to remove the respawn of treasure so that you have to keep going out to find more(not the respawn from doing quests, just the respawn from waiting and not being nearby).


from what i understand of the horde spawning, the gamestage number(your level & the days alive number) are what determine the size/strength of the hordes(both wandering and blood moon). This means that limiting the XP gains so that the gamestage number is lower, and yet still getting resources to survive(base building and weapon crafting) is a bit of a back and forth with needing to tweak the XMLs.

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