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Different RWG terrain generators for different coordinate ranges


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I have a modded server designed specifically for me and my buddies to be a 6 player co-op experience that is extremely difficult. Server basics include 10x+ zombie generation, one shot headshots on regular zombies, rarer gun parts, death in one zombie hit, and bears at 7.5x speed that can climb ladders and are immune to all weapons but the sniper rifle. I've been working on it for roughly 2 years now through a couple patches and have managed to balance it fairly well.


I've toyed around with the RWG file a bit, and have found 4-5 different settings that I like including an extremely steep, norway-fjord like world; a super flat world for max city generation; a world with height based biomes; and the regular settings. I have a group of 8+ people who are all starting a new game together and we want our new world to do a couple of things.


I've experimented with coordinate based biome generation a fair bit, but want the terrain generation to be different for different coordinates. I don't know programming too well, mostly picked it up from modding this server and logic from VBA / excel / R.


1. A circle with X radius out from 0,0 to be completely flat, allow us to place a large megacity there. This will be a mix of wasteland / burning forest biome.


2. From X radius to Y radius, I want to use the settings I used for the norway fjord map, so that the city is surrounded by extremely tall mountains


The norway fjord map bases its biomes based on terrain height, so that water is at a low height, grassland at medium, pine forest with a chance of burning forest near the top, and capped with snow at the very top (this has already been done on a different file).


3. From Y until the end of the map, either the regular rwg settings or the large biome settings.


Then, we all spawn at 0,0 and have the entire first day where zombies do not spawn around us except for sleepers (the default is until roughly 3pm). Reasoning is that city sleepers are set to max game stage from day 1, wastelands are a hellhole, and we all start with 30 pistol shots.




In addition, I want to change airdrops so that they have a set loot pool (should be easy), but I also want that loot pool to be impacted by day. The goal is that we have daily or 3 day airdrops that are a slight boost, but don't give us any game changing items.




To summarize the changes that I need help with:


1. Terrain and biome generation that is separate for different sets of coordinates


2. The day one grace period is changed from 3pm to all day, but excludes sleepers


3. Loot containers can be modified based on day


All of these seem easily doable in my head, but I don't know programming well enough to know how to implement them. I've tried searching for similar solutions, but given how heavily modded my server is, a lot of the workarounds cannot be done


Also: Thanks Valmar, I've relied heavily on some of your stuff to learn how to mod

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