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[request] block clearing mod


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Wow really? I’ll try that. That works on server maps too?!


Im server owner


Not that I know of, or it didn't work for me at least on my server. But if you have a server you can install

Bad Company Manager - Version 3.2.0 for 7d2d A17e b221 and use the commands to do that which is what I do or you can install

CSMM Patrons Mod (CPM)


You can actually install them together as well. One of those will help you do a lot things on your server. I also Run Allocs Server Fixes and Botman Server Manager for everything. Works awesome on my server "ZTL Server A17 b221 Exp - 8K PVE Map - WIPED 12/12/18" on the network give it a go if you want to see how it all works.

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CSMM seems to have similar behavior to BC when trying to replace blocks with air. I don’t see any errors in the console, the blocks flash momentarily, and then nothing seems to happen.


I did ‘fblock air 5 5 5’ which is supposed to replace a 5x5x5 area with air blocks? I guess I can try other block types and report back :)

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Tunnels are easy to

- started a small 2x1 dig

- after the first block was cleared, stood inside

- entered `fblock p1`

- dug 2x1 for about 20 blocks

- dug over for 2 blocks

- dug up 2 blocks and stood on 2 wood frames

- hit `fblock p2 air`


ended with a beautifully perfect 3x3 tunnel. This will make tunnel building so much less tedious.

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