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Delphi City Scenario RPG PVP A17e B221 Server


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Please join us for a role playing game "experiment" with "7 Days to Die".


IP Addr:

Port: 41391




The back story is super basic. You awaken in a post apocalyptic world to find that it is zombie infested, and that there is a "Safe Haven" town, or "Sanctuary City" made up of survivors called Delphi. This is a group that has banned together to form a "Protected Zone". This may not be needed or important at first to many survivors, but it will be later on because the difficulty level will steadily increase to insanely hard over time. When that happens, successfully surviving horde night may just become impossible without banning together and working as a team. I don't know, we are going to find out.


Survivors all have a basic "Walkie Talkie" (Using in-game communications <T> and <V>). This gives you the ability to send text messages (ingame messaging <T>), and you can voice chat (The ingame voice chat <V>) that works within 70 meters or so, with other survivors. So, everyone can communicate and anyone can form parties, and alliances. When you form up with other survivors, you can share experience gained and see each others locations on the map.


Survivors have numerous options as follows.

1. You can choose to seek out and find the sanctuary city of Delphi and attempt to partner with them for survival. If successful, you can join the community, build your own base in the defined "protected zone" nearby, and work as a team to defend the city together.

2. You are welcome to attempt to survive on your own in the wild feral zombie infested wilds.

3. You can partner up with other players and build or develop other settlements, towns, structures, etc. as you choose.

4. You can even form a party and attempt to attack and claim Delphi.

5. Whatever else you choose to do. (within the rules)


The World:


The world will be custom developed over time. We start with a Large Random Gen map. This will take a little longer to download and startup but will provide us with a larger landmass play area. Then, certain specialized prefabs and specialized loot such as complete running vehicles, and more advanced items such as working generators, solar panels, etc. will be strategically placed around the map over time as loot abundance decreases, and loot respawn delay increases. Again, in keeping with an attempt towards more realism.


Here are the particulars and rules:


This is a PVP(Strangers Only) setup, in order to be realistic, you CAN kill and be killed by other players. Yes, malicious and baseless people will abound in a post apocalyptic world. So, be prepared. If you form an alliance with someone, they can NOT kill you. But, when the alliance is broken, they can. This should encourage everyone to communicate, join forces, work as teams, and try to survive. Trust must be established or you stand little chance of surviving unless you can successfully go it solo and stay "under the radar" as it where.


Drop On Death: Everything

Difficulty level: Normal to Very Hard (This will be normal (3) difficulty for the first 4 hordes or 28 days at least, maybe longer based upon player feedback, but then it will increase over time as we have an established group)

Player Killing: Strangers only (Allies are safe from friendly fire)

Zombies Run: Walk/Run/Sprint/and Nightmare on Horde Night

24 Hrs: 90 Min

Nightime: From 11 PM to 4 AM

Parties share experience 10000 blocks (The entire map basically)

Land Claim Blocks 71 blocks ( LCB Now stops spawns!!)

Claim Deadzone 50 blocks (Space between land claims, 50 meters from edge of 71 meter claim block)

Claim duration 3 days (currently seeking active players, this will change with established active players)

Online Claim Health 10x (This means your land claim area is 10X stronger than normal when you are online)

Offline Claim Health Infinite (This means your land claim can not take any damage at all when you are not online)

loot Respawn 14 days (Will increase over time so loot will become more and more scarce)

loot abundance 150% (will decrease over time so loot will become more and more scarce)


I currently have several servers so I am able to test mods before putting them on the live public server. Over time, we may be running numerous mods. A version of Valmod, and/or other mods may be implemented when they are stable and have been stress tested. I will take great care in ensuring the server remains as stable as possible and is backed up on a regular basis.


Currently we are running Simple UI, and Bad Company Commands mods only.


The server will be restarted once a day. That restart time will be announced.


Any of these settings can be adjusted based upon input and consensus from the group. However, the objective is for it to be more difficult and more realistic. In real life, the contents of a cupboard would not "respawn" after you emptied it.






All player actions are logged, and those logs are searched and scanned for player exploit and cheat activity. Any player who is discovered to have used a dup exploit, or some other means to cheat, will be banned permanently.




If some other seperate form of voice chat is used, such as Discord, that is fine but the following rules still apply as it pertains to communications with other players within the game, for the sake of the game.


No discussions (arguments/debates) about real life social issues, politics, religion, etc. There are plenty of other places to discuss those things. No bad mouthing, verbally insulting, harassing, other players on any level outside the role playing context of the game. Discourse as it pertains to role playing within the game is expected, and encouraged overwhelmingly, BUT it should be clear.




If repeated raiding attacks upon a single particular player, by another particular player, or group of players, is considered griefing by the Admin, this will be extremely frowned upon and may result in banning.




If you claim a POI as your own that is fine, but otherwise please do not completely destroy prefabs or POI's so that they may respawn and provide more zombies, experience and loot. Also, please do not destroy any lootable respawn items within such as boxes, safes, chests, cabinets, etc.


This DOES NOT include anything on a road or street. You are welcome and encouraged to destroy, and or salvage anything on a roadway, or street that blocks vehicle passage.


Please comment here if you have any suggestions or comments, or if would like to join us, and I will share with you the password.




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