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TFPs and a thank you...


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...In all honesty, I still enjoy the game (I know it's experimental, yadda yadda) in it's current state. I don't agree with all the changes and have been vocal about quite a few. I still play the game daily and enjoy playing on my dedicated server with friends and on stream. I have no plans to (nor have I threatened to) uninstall or anything of the such. I'm not sure of your direction or internal procedures and processes that have brought us to the current build but maintain trust that in the future some RNG things will be brought back like books, or auger parts ect.


Sincerely, thank you for continuing to work on the game and bring us closer to a finished project regardless if I agree with the current intended direction.


This doesn't mean that I will stop voicing my opinion on some topics. However, regardless if you feel that some topics are "the vocal minority" as some put it, please keep us in mind too when looking for feedback. Some of can't articulate what we mean well, others shout out of frustration, others bring the same thing up over and over again. But we mean well and hope to have a little input in the creation process and that is why we opted in to the experimental in the first place.


Again, a sincere thank you for continuing to work on the project!

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