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The good, the bad, and the broken.


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New version, new Rgen map, new playthrough!


The Good

aka Old gripes fixed:

- Nomad-level combat balance and day 7 night horde is on point. Not too hard, not too soft, and found the bottom of the horde right at the bottom of my ammo bag in solo play with a freestanding base.


- I'm finding more mod loot (not schematics). Mods are a mainstay, and it's good to find bits and peices in loot for a change.


- Either this is a fluke of RNG, or someone eased up on the beaker drop rates. I don't feel desperate for medical cabinets for a change. Feels good, man.


The Bad:

- Fire axe stamina cost for a power attack is nearly 50 stamina at L2 Sex Rex. That's a bit crazy, bordering on crippling. It was fine before.


- Cloth/light armor is so bad I'd be safer duct taping live zombies to my balls. The stamina/mobility penalties for the whole light armor series are so ridiculously and severely bad, you're better off in heavy armor. You aren't going anywhere or doing anything either way. There's really nothing 'light' about it when you're encumbered and crawlers are catching up to your sprint speed.


- Olympic Swimmer is such a bad pick compared to other options, it is probably better off merged with Rule 1 as a Lvl 3-5 bonus.


The Broken:

- Chainsaw seems to deal about 770 damage (10x multiplier) to trees. This, obviously, drops fully grown trees in two pulses. I'm pretty sure it should be 3-5x. On the other hand, it's an absolutely garbo zombie weapon, which makes zombie fans everywhere sad.

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I agree with the Olympic Swimmer perk. It's a complete waste of points. There's pretty much 0 reason to ever be underwater and there's not enough water in the game for the swim speed increase to be relevant. In the case of RWG, there's no water at all! If being in the water didn't slow you by like 80% maybe it would have some niche use in PvP?

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