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Taza's Grave


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by Andreas "MrCerealGuy" Zahnleiter


Taza's Grave v1.6.8


If you love it to build great bases and you think grinding resources is wasted time, then you should give this mod a try. Your most important tool will be a powerful Taza's Stone Axe!



Patch Notes 1.6.8 07/03/2019 No Wipe Required!


- Increased Crafting Queue from 4 to 10 slots

- Added HD Wrench modlet by War3zuk

- Increased the Spawning all over the Place



See 7D2D A17.4 b4 patch notes:



See full Taza's Grave version history:






- Increased Crafting Queue from 4 to 10 slots (NEW!)

- Added HD Wrench modlet by War3zuk (NEW!)

- Increased the Spawning all over the Place (NEW!)

- Added Lootable Pallets modlet by Starslayer71002

- Added Flamethrower modlet by Nanashi

- Added Bigger Backpack (96 slots) modlet by KhaineGB

- Added CCTV by Xyth

How to use:

- Added Radios by Xyth

- Added Zombie Pinups by Xyth

- Added HDHQParticles modlet by Dust2Death

- Added HDHQPlants modlet by Dust2Death

- Added Simple UI by stedman420

- Basic survival quests removed (experts don't need this)

- Modified Taza's stone axe for grinding resources

- Added recipe for modified Taza's stone axe

- Added start quest "Craft Taza's stone axe"

- Toilets and faucets give water

- Craft casino coins from brass in a forge

- Changed 1 to 3 skill points per level

- Added back basic damage bonuses based on quality level.

+20% entity damage per level above 1.

(0-100%) +40% block damage per level above 1 (0-200%)

- Added Taza's Grave main menu

- Changed "Near Death Trauma" buff to 600s (10 min)

- Doubled birds nest feather and egg count

- Increased drop chance for zombie loot to 25%

- Added extra input slot to the forge

- Decreased required iron for iron bars to 25

- "Can of Acid" now craftable from a Car Battery and Glass Jar

- Decreased costs for Moldy Bread, only 1 Sham Sandwich needed

- Oil now craftable from an Empty Glass Jar instead of an Empty Can

- Doubled Block Range of Taza's Stone Axe



Download & Installation


The easiest way to install Taza's Grave is using 7D2D Mod Launcher by sphereii.


7D2D Mod Launcher by sphereii


For manual installation use following instructions:


A17.4 stable


[ DOWNLOAD TAZA'S GRAVE V1.6.8 A17.4 b4 ]


1. Make a copy of your 7 Days to Die folder first!!!


2. Download the zip file at the link above. Open the zip file and extract the folders Data and Mods to your 7 Days to Die folder and overwrite when prompted.


3. Start 7 Days to Die from inside the folder - not via Steam!



Older versions


A17.4 stable


[ DOWNLOAD TAZA'S GRAVE V1.6.7 A17.4 b4 ]


[ DOWNLOAD TAZA'S GRAVE V1.6.6 A17.4 b4 ]


A17.2 stable


[ DOWNLOAD TAZA'S GRAVE V1.6.5 A17.2 b27 ]


A17.1 stable


[ DOWNLOAD TAZA'S GRAVE V1.6.4 A17.1 b9 ]


A17.0 experimental


[ DOWNLOAD TAZA'S GRAVE V1.5 A17.0-E b199 ]


A16.4 stable



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