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Every patch... it happens...


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Oh yaas lvl 20! *rushes off to make bicycle*


It's 0400hrs, time to head to the trader that's 6.2km away (facepalm). Stuffs good ♥♥♥♥ and mods scavenged from raiding 2 banks into bicycle storage.


Oh dang, gotta craft that quality 3 compound bow!


*Hops off bicycle*


Runs 2 buildings away for that workbench. Ah bugger you need level 30 to craft that.


Goes back to where bike is.


Or was....


Swings view 360, relogs, still no bike. Every single time, it stings like a barbed knife stabbing into your chest with a twist for good measure. Why does this still happen... It's a question I'm not expecting an answer to but... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

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I'd digress that there are special zombie kids who prey on helpless survivors that leave the bikes unattended and ride off into the sunset on them when they find a chance... For Minibikes i'd guess we'd have some old dudes or disabled Zs. Motorcycles we surely have the biker zombies. Jeeps could be stolen by businessmen Zs. Don't know about Gyrocopters though...

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This bug is still around huh?




Wasn't enough to lose our minibike in A15.....


.... now everything is up for grabs.


Damn zombie criminals!

That's who I blame.

Foreign policy sucks and we've allowed too many in our neighbourhoods.

They just don't respect our culture.


Nothing but layabout, no good, street rats!


Say NO to zombie immigration!



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