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So with the gun cost changes... [b221]


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A quality 1, slightly damaged pistol sells for less than the three mechanical parts you'd get from just scrapping it. (And I'd estimate around 15 times less than the total material cost to actually make it)


Amusing, but I foresee more price balancing in the near future.


Overall though, very happy with the change. No longer do I feel like I'm wasting potential dukes by scrapping low quality guns that I come across, since selling high quality guns is where it's at now/again.


Also looks like TFP forgot to cut off a zero for AK-47s, since they're selling for around 10x as much as other same-tier, same-quality guns now.

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Crafting guns is completely broken(and unnecessary, seeing how readily available they are since day1) and should have never come back.




When i was level 60, i was QUITE sick of the quality 2 marksman rifle I had. Especially considering i'd found about 14 marksman rifles that game...all quality 1 or 2. I'm quite pleased I could make a quality 5 marksman rifle to fit 3 more mods.

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