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Actual servers


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Ok, facts first.


1. The console hardware really cannot handle it. (It's barely capable of what the game requires right now.)

2. Setting up hosted servers are expensive. The dev's aren't big companies with loads of money to blow on starting up a server.

3. There are not currently known plans to expand the game to allow more players in a session.

4. Split-screen MP is also likely to be a pipedream. (Again, it's the hardware limitations here preventing it.)

5. Your next-gen PS4 Pro or XB1-X does nothing to help the game support more players.


Now, with that in mind, feel free to continue the discussion on the subject here. In the post below, I have compiled a list of the most recently started discussions. Future threads on the subject that are started elsewhere in the forum, are likely to be merged into this one. We don't need 100 discussions about the same topic, with a new one being started every few days. (A few exceptions like this one, will likely just be closed or removed.)


If I have any new information on the subject, I'll update this post. As it stands right now, you're lucky to have what you've got. Initially the game was not even intended to be multi-player.


Also, it should be noted that The Fun Pimps are NOT the developer of the console edition. It was ported by Iron Galaxy, and published by TellTale Games. TFP assists with console updates and fixes sometimes, but they are not the ones who made the console version.


A thread is made in the multiplayer section for this.


The last part isn't updated but the rest wouldn't be any different.

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