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Can't see poll results/images altough account is already linked to steam


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Hello everyone!


I linked my forum account to steam long time ago. To be honest I can't even remember when it was. Should have been around the beginnig of 2016.


But in the last days i realized i couldn't watch the poll results at the "Developer Discussions"-Thread. So I checked my settings and found out, my accounts are linked. But there seems to be a problem (not only that I can't see these poll results):


After the last numbers of my steamID (Which is so far correct) the followign things are showing: |0|0


It says there ist a fetch error for my current steam displayname and my profile visibility state.


Also, there is no image shown right next to these informations. But it looks like it should.


I don't know if that matters, but my steam-profile is completely public.


Can anybody help me fix this? I'd really appreciate to look at images triumphantly! ;)

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