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why is coal such a weak fuel?


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It seems to bother me that a piece of wood, freshly cut and still not dry, burns for twice as much as lump of coal? In real life, an ounce of coal or charcoal burns well longer than 1-foot log. It's why people made charcoal to begin with, it burned better than plain wood.


I'm sure it's just a means to get people to use coal for black powder, but I really do think 1 coal should be worth at least 1.5 1 wood.

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I don't think MM noticed the console section. ;)


On PC, 6 pieces of wood get you a 1 cubic meter wood block (burn time of 300s)

while 60-120 coal are the amount that gets you 20 bullets. (burn time of 1200-2400s)


This is a game and not all things have the same scale even if the icon is the same size.

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