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No Mod slots in crafted items?


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So I crafted a level 4 Sledgehammer and Steel Pickaxe but they do not have mod slots on them, or at least there is no Modify option? I have tried resetting the game, putting the item in my bag, putting it on my hot bar, giving it to a friend to try, putting it in a chest and taking it back out, dropping and picking it up, and recrafting them. Is this intended, or am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated.



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Err, generally speaking ive never seen this issue.

Items that are level 1 or less have 0 mod slots.

lvl 2 item has 1 mod slot and ect.

Ive had issues with getting mods to go INTO a mod slot but usually only because the mod isnt supposed to mod that item...

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I think thats on purpose.

If you are in a single player game open the console (F1) and type


giveself SomeItemWithModSlots


and repeat that several times. Then pick up the items and investigate them.

You will see that the amount of mod slots is random. And to have that random without coding it this way

it is not possible.

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