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My Vision on Zombies of this game.

Mc Draken

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Hi guys, i wish to share my view on how the enemies of the game should be changed.


Day/night: Im not entirely satisfied with the current system. I think there are ways to improve it. I agree on the fact, zombies should be fearsome at night. But actually the game becomes too bipolar with this system.


At day, they are weak and boring. Not much of a threat. At night they are extreamly hard to handle compared to that. Even, if the only difference is, they are running.

I think, the difference should be streamlined a bit. Zombies should be a higher threat at day, and somewhat more battleable at night, altough the player should be encouraged to find shelter at night. I think, zombies should have abilities useful at daytime, and simply become more powerful at night. Lets work out a theoretic system. Lets start with the abilities.


Sprinting: I think, some zombies should always have the ability to sprint, but only certain distances on certain triggers. But except those, they cant sprint. I think the difficulty of the game should not come from the fact the zombies are running bullet sponges letting lag ruin a fair fight at night.


Also i think special zeds should spawn at daytime too.


Night: my suggestions:

- Zombies' senses are 30% better. Hit 30% faster.

- Zombies are actively searching for artifical lights at night.

- Zombies have increased spawn based on heat signature, even more at night. (Lets use an already working system more purposefully)

- Zombie abilities have half the cooldown and Zeds sprint larger distances.

- Spawns "Night Hunters". (Zombie wright or what is called now)



What would that mean? Well. Increased spawn with attraction to light means, zeds are all around your base at night. If they see you(and they will), they have higher dps, and spam abilities. So most nights, are about defending your base or hiding in darkness. Nights are about sieges, crowned by the end of the week.


No more 4 player poker parties at night doin nothin, waiting for the sun.


The current ones with abilities, spider, siren, dogs are mostly fine.


Sirens scream are refreshing all nearby zombie cooldowns and spawns zombies ofc.


Critical mass: this is a system that ensures, even if individual zeds are weak, in large numbers they tear down fortresses. Every zombie gives and gains bonus dmg against blocks to zombies in their vicinity. So one zombie scratching your steel wall wont do wonders. But 30 under your fort eats trought it like butter. This is a key feature in balancing out the game.


Large masses should be eliminated quickly.


Walker Zombie: The basic zombie. Has no abilities. Uses most assets. Miners, cowboys, strippers, businessmen. They have high spawn rate, even higher at night. Has low block dmg. Dont do much on their own. They profit most from Critical mass due to their numbers.


Rammer Zombie: Hawai turist. Walks slowly, but in certain distance starts to charge down the player. 24sec cooldown. Deals extra dmg to blocks, if rams into it. (Similarly to its current useless ability) has medium block dmg otherwise. Stuns the player if rammed.


Charger Zombie: Football player. Starts sprinting in the moment it sees the player. Sprints until reaches the target. If the zombie gets hit, it ragdolls and gets knocked down.

6 second cooldown on charge. 3 at night. Low block dmg.


Jumper Zombie: with the ability to leap. If theres an obstacle or height difference between him and his target, the zombie propels himself forward 3 blocks high, and ragdolls, landing near the target. Stands up and acts like a normal zed. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. And would immensely rise the zombies' ability to siege. Also hillarious to watch the flyin corpses. Do it pls. Should use the asset of the blue, slim rotting carcass. Low block dmg.


Wrecker Zombies: woodsman, the tall bald guy, big momma and bloater zombies. So... Most big zombie. High-hp tank zombies. Their first hit is a guaranteed stun on the player every 30 sec. Has high block dmg. Cant sprint. Gain bonus critical mass dmg from nearby zombies.

These zombies are your main enemies. They are your besiegers. They tear down walls, also strong on the field.


Miner zombies has no block dmg bonus. They are regular walkers, providing higher critical mass dmg bonus. Pls avoid these lil gimmicks.


Policemen zombi: cant sprint and its explosion deals LOW block dmg, but destroys nearby corpses. There are other zeds with siege purposes. Cop is the only ranged zed. Its enough.


Night Hunters: These guys are the hunters of the night. Only spawns at night and at certain PoIs. They are fast and strong. High bleed chance. Starts sprinting if the target player has less then 50% hp. Senses bleeding and injured targets from afar.

Instead of making all zeds a sprinting madman, make these guys the iconic dread of the game. The reason the player wont come out at night. The mark of the brand. The source of our nightmares. who hunts down the player relentlessly preying on its weakness. These are the Hunters you build shelter against and call for the sun.

They Burn at daylight and takes increased fire dmg. Uses the Wright's dreadful asset.


Soldiers have 40% bullet resistance, hazmat has 60% fire resist. Or so...


I think these changes are required to gain proper zombie sieges. Specific zeds with specific purposes. Siegers, chasers, tanks, grunts. And the hunters. Would be awesome.


This game needs spiders, creepers, enderman. I mean, iconic enemies.

Lets do the Night-Hunter.


Horde nights would be fun too 😁


Zombie Combo: Fighting zombies is a huge part of the game. Actually the core of the gameplay. A17 would improve it somewhat on the player's part, with power attacks. Lets improve the other side too. Give zombies an attack-sequence, 2-3 hit combos, that should be avoided. Not just the boring hit-trading, as it is currently.


Zombie Density: Generally speaking, im statisfied with the difference between zombie density between zones. But Towns should have generally higher zombie density on the streets too. Pillaging towns should be look like waging war on the infected. Not hundreds... but some 8-24 big hordes patroling the streets would give a huge thrill to the game.



Originally my posts born as a big singular one. So i left perk suggestions here.



- Blindside: Against enemies facing away, you deal more damage with booth melee or ranged weapons. Rewards shooting/hitting in the side/back.


- Habitual Reconstructor: Construction(and mining?) tools deal 5times dmg against blocks inside your claimed zone. 3points cost.


Pls, rebuilding a high-end base is a pain in the arse. 3point cost?


The Fixer: should be applied on blocks too. Repairing blocks is costly as hell. I would gladly invest in perks that reduces the weight on that matter.





At last, an additional difficulty option.

The current difficulty setting mixes too important factors, zombie stats, and when special zombies start to spawn.


I think, these two choices should be separate. I think this would give us a huge control over our ingame-difficulty.


I dont like bullet sponges, but i like the zombie diversity, that harder difficulty settings provides. I think there are more like me.


Ty for reading, wish you the best!

Awesome game!


*Edited. Ferals changed to Nigh Hunters for easier distingishing.

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