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FOV changing on dedicated servers, any way to get working?


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"The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search:



Ok since I can't search the forum, I will have to ask.



Anyone find a way of setting FOV when playing on dedicated servers? The usual console commands

sg OptionsFieldOfView
sg OptionsFieldOfViewNew

only work in single player. I'm running a dedicated Linux server, latest A17 b221 and can't get FOV change to work, even with enabling cheats and adding players to admins.


The new fixed fov that looks like some zoomed up video camera is making people sick.

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Now if only we could find a way to auto-run that command each time the 7 Days To Die application was started.

I had heard that you can set it manually in the settings file, but I also heard that it doesn't stick.


Haven't really bothered to test it since I'm doing actual testing and don't want to skew any results.

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